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There is a big misconception in South Africa which suggest that we all have to look up to government and corporate for job creation, however we at SME Africa we believe that SME Sector is actually the main engine when it comes to job creation and need special attention and enormous support.

To achieve this, a supportive environment must be created to bolster their survival and to facilitate growth. Access to finance is a critical component of this survival and growth is one that needs urgent attention as it hinders these entrepreneurs from succeeding or launching out their bright ideas that would eventually create jobs.

As SME Africa, we are committed and already putting plans together to start breaking this financial wall that is keep on piling up in front of these SMEs, however it will be highly impossible to achieve this on our own. We are therefore looking forward to partner with anyone who share the same sentiments on our mandate.

Elevator Pitch Competition

Funding competitions among entrepreneurs has always been one of the best and effective method for funding SMEs around the world in decades, this is due to the fact that these businesses not only get to be funded but a lot of business knowledge get to be shared to both winners and those who were not that fortunate to win.

Most entrepreneurs dive into business with only the knowledge of how their own product or service will change the world but not necessarily understanding other factors like financial management, marketing, branding etc. It is through these competitions where they get to learn from those who have travel the road before.

We are currently in a process of establishing relationships with organisations, individuals and state entities in order for us to start organizing these competitions. Therefore any party willing to assist us in establishing an elevator pitch competition, kindly don't hesitate to contact us.

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