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Get started!

Be unique

To stand a good chance, your idea must be innovative and unique to impress the judges. Your KFC franchise idea won't work here.

Prepare yourself

Pitch your idea to those you trust like your family or mentor just to get their opinions, this will help you to polish your pitch.


The judges will select 3 best pitch ideas and pricing will be as follows:
3rd price - R50 000
2nd price - R100 000
1st price - R200 000

Open for everyone

As long as you reside within the borders of South Africa you can enter the competition. The color of your skin or your age does not matter, the competion is open to everyone.


Having just a great idea is never enough, it's always important to brainstorm the idea with your team and make sure you have covered all the important points.

Remember that you are not just going to pitch and that's it, should your pitch be one of the best, you will be brought in front of the judges and asked crucial questions. That is why you need to really prepare yourself with your team.

Watch pitching tips

Pitching tips

Turn your pitch into a story!

Be laser focused.

In the space of 90 seconds, you’ll have to explain your idea and why the judges should pick it as the winner.

Good pitches describe things succinctly and tailored to the layman. You don’t have time to explain the deep tech or the market nuances, so find a way to explain all these things simply and succinctly. For 90 seconds, you really have to know your game otherwise, that 90 sec will punch you in the face.

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